Buy ffp-2 white masks

GEOmask 7.1. FFP2

White 25

Textile mask, made of polypropylene and polyester with 7 layers of non-woven, aluminium nose clip for sealing in the upper part of the face and two soft elastic bands, designed for the comfort of the user, for adjustment on the head and optionally on the neck.

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Marked: CE-0161FFP2

Certificate: Nº 20/3212/00/0161


PPE for protection against all types of suspended particles and pathogens.

Designed under the requirements of RD 2016/425 and according to harmonised standard EN 149:2001+A1.

High breathability and comfort.

Protection from all types of suspended particles and pathogens. Developed to protect COVID19.

  • Quantity: 25 units
  • Model: FFP2
  • Protection: Against particles and pathogens
  • Máximo ajuste: No fogging of the goggles
  • Colour: White
  • Confort: High breathability and comfort
  • CE Certified
  • Made in Spain
  • Individually packaged.
  • 7 layers of non-woven
  • Sellado

    Clip nasal en aluminio para el sellado en la zona superior del rostro

  • Materiales

    Fabricada en polipropileno con 7 capas de no tejido.

  • Ajuste

    Dos gomas elásticas suaves para su ajuste en cabeza y opcional en cuello.

  • Confort

    Alta respirablidad y comodidad.

  • Protección

    Contra partículas y patógenos, desarrollada para proteger del COVID19.


-Possibility of colours and LOGO customisation for companies and corporations.

-Free for orders >12.000 units.

-Free transport for orders over 300€.

-Consult available colours for outdoor and ink.

-All materials including ink are suitable for skin contact.